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Best Readings in Integrated Sensing and Communication (ISAC)


This collection of Best Readings provides a panorama of ISAC, including recent advances and applications in information theory, signal processing, mobile computing, aerospace and electronic systems, and vehicular technology/intelligent transportation systems. To this end, the reading list includes four special issues and links to four web-based resources that are all dedicated to ISAC. The overview section aims to provide a systemic view for newcomers. The Best Readings then organizes the most active topics within this field into twelve categories, including fundamental theory, physical layer designs, spectrum sharing solutions, networking technologies, security aspects, applications, and demonstrations. The guest editors hope that this list will provide valuable references for all researchers working in the area of ISAC.

Issued: February 2022





Must-Reading Papers on Integrated Sensing and Communications (ISAC)


Definition: A design paradigm and corresponding enabling technologies, in which sensing and comms systems are integrated to efficiently utilize congested wireless/hardware resources, and even to pursue mutual benefits.

Aims: include reproducible codes, good papers and a research libary.

Contributed by Yuanhao Cui, BUPT, and Fan Liu, SUSTech

Supported by IEEE ComSoc ISAC Emerging Technology Inititive (ETI) & IEEE SPS ISAC Technical Working Group (TWG)