Events supported by ISAC-ETI:

The members of ISAC-ETI have successfully organized several events on topics relevant to the ISAC community.

Journal (Special Issue) Technical Program Chairs (ETI members)
Elsevier DSP 2018 SI on “Co-operation and Joint Design of Communications and Radar Systems in a Crowded Spectrum” (Link) Aboulnasr Hassanien
IEEE TAES 2019 SI on “Spectrum Sharing” (Link) Daniel Bliss
IEEE JSTSP SI on “Joint Communication and Radar Sensing for Emerging Applications” (Link) Christos Masouros, Athina Petropulu, J. Andrew Zhang, Robert W. Heath Jr., Zhiyong Feng, Le Zheng
IEEE JSAC SI on “Integrated Sensing and Communication” (Link) Fan Liu, Christos Masouros, Tony Xiao Han, Jie Xu, Stefano Buzzi, Yonina C. Eldar
IET SP SI on “Advanced Signal Processing for Integration of Radar and Communication (IRC)” (Link) Ziyang Cheng, Tianyao Huang
JCIN SI on “Joint Sensing and Communication for Future Wireless Networks” (Link) Zhiyong Feng, Ying Du, J. Andrew Zhang, Fan Liu


Publications Working Group (WG1):

WG1 Leaders:

Athina Petropulu (ETI Vice-chair, ex-officio), Rutgers University

J. Andrew Zhang, University of Technology Sydney

WG1 Members:

Kumar Vijay Mishra, Bhavani Shankar, Weijie Yuan, An Liu, Yimin D. Zhang, Chao Shen, Kaifeng Han, Tsung-Hui Chang, Ahmad Nimr