The members of ISAC-ETI are active in several societies. This community has successfully launched a number of workshops, special sessions, and a dedicated conference. This ETI will provide co-sponsorship for ISAC-related events and holds face-to-face meetings as needed to ensure further progress. It’s worth noting that cross-society academic activities and industry activities are highly encouraged by this ETI, please feel free to contact the chairs or the secretary.

The ISAC-ETI launches an official workshop/Selected Area in Communications (SAC) Symposium series and ETI meetings in conjunction with Globecom, ICC, Infocom, or ICASSP (special session, if necessary). The official events will be organized and reported by the Conference Working Group (WG2). Members of WG2 take responsibility for the paper review. All ISAC-ETI members are encouraged to submit papers to the ETI official or endorsed events.

Events supported by ISAC-ETI:

The members of ISAC-ETI have successfully organized several events on topics relevant to the ISAC community.

in conjunction with the ComSoc conferences:

Venue & Year Place Technical Program Chairs (ETI members)
ICC 2022 (Workshop) Seoul, South Korea Wen Tong, Fan Liu, Jie Xu, J. Andrew Zhang, Tenali Riihonen, and Yuanhao Cui
WCNC 2022 (Workshop) Austin, USA Tenali Riihonen, Weijie Yuan, Yongzhe Li, and Yuanhao Cui
ICCC 2021 (Workshop) Xiamen, China Fan Liu, Chao Shen, Yuanhao Cui
PIMRC 2021 (Workshop1; Workshop2) Virtual Henk Wymeersch; Wen Tong
WCNC 2021 (Workshop) Nanjing, China Tenali Riihonen, Yongzhe Li, and Yuanhao Cui
GC 2020 (Workshop) Virtual Tony Xiao Han, Fabiola Colone, An Liu, and Jie Xu
ICC 2020 (Workshop) Virtual Christos Masouros, J. Andrew Zhang, and Fan Liu

in conjunction with the SPS conferences:

Venue & Year Place Technical Program Chairs (ETI members)
SPAWC 2021 (Special Session)  Lucca, Tuscany Kumar Vijay Mishra, Bhavani Shankar, Fan Liu, Weijie Yuan
ICASSP 2021 (Special Session1; Special Session2;Special Session3) Virtual Yimin Zhang; Fan Liu;  Yonnia Eldar
SAM 2020 (Special Session) Hangzhou, China Yimin Zhang
ICASSP 2019 (Special Session) Brighton, UK Christos Masouros, Athina Petropulu
SPAWC 2018 (Special Session) Kalamata, Greece Visa Koivunen

in conjunction with the AESS conferences:

Venue & Year Place Technical Program Chairs (ETI members)
CIE International Radar 2022 (Regular Session1, Regular Session2) Haikou, China  J. Andrew Zhang, Fan Liu;      Yongzhe Li, Taneli Riihonen
RadarConf 2021 (Regular Session) Atlanta, US Daniel Bliss, Aboulnasr Hassanien
RadarConf 2020 (Special Session1; Special Session2; Special Session3) Virtual Aboulnasr Hassanien;Daniel Bliss, Athina Petropoulu; Stefano Buzzi
RadarConf 2019 (Regular Session) Boston, USA Aboulnasr Hassanien

in conjunction with the VTS conferences:

Venue & Year Place Technical Program Chairs (ETI members)
VTC2021-Fall (Workshop) Virtual Weijie Yuan, Yuanhao Cui


Conferences and Events Working Group (WG2):

WG2 Leaders:

Christos Masouros (ETI vice-chair, ex-officio), University College London

Weijie Yuan, University of New South Wales

WG2 Members:

Kumar Vijay Mishra, Itsik Bergel, An Liu, Padmanava Sen, Marwa CHAFII, Tsung-Hui Chang, André Noll Barreto, Yonina Eldar, Ahmad Nimr