Welcome to the Integrated Sensing and Communication Emerging Technology Initiative

This ETI will actively support and promote ISAC-related academic and industrial activities by gathering together the relevant researchers and experts from different communities, who share a common research interest in all aspects of ISAC, including but not limited to:

  • Information Theory to reveal the information-theoretical limits and fundamental tradeoffs in ISAC;
  • Signal Processing to design dual-functional waveforms capable of both functionalities and to develop joint signal processing frameworks for both target/environment detection and wireless communications;
  • Mobile Computing to detect and recognize the human events and activities via commercial devices, such as Wi-Fi and 5G NR;
  • Aerospace and Electronic Systems (Radar Systems) to embed communication function into current radar infrastructures, which is usually more powerful than commercial radio devices;
  • Vehicular Technology and Intelligent Transportation Systems to design and implement next-generation vehicle information systems and roadside units at a low cost and with a low energy footprint.

The ETI sponsors and promotes technical publications, conferences, symposia, workshops, tutorials, industrial activities, standardizations, and other related activities in the areas of ISAC-related sensing, communications, computing, and relevant applications. This ETI plans to integrate ongoing research efforts and initiatives to become the catalyst and future reference for experts working in the area of ISAC.